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 orr meets k.h. 




WALLWORKS NEW YORK is pleased to have available ORR meets K.H. Sept 24, 1984 from artist Eric Orr. 


This poster commemorates the formal invitation from artist Keith Haring (one of the most important graffiti/street artists of our time) to collaborate on a series of subway drawings together with artist Eric Orr.


30 years ago Eric Orr met Keith at the Roxy Roller Rink where they became friends. There Keith invited Orr to collaborate on a series on black panel subway drawings, in the NYC subway system. The collaboration ended with lunch and a series of drawings created in Ketih's Broadway studio.


This monumental and historical graffiti/street art monument in Orr's artistic journey, is now recognized with the approval of the Haring Foundation and photographer Tseng Kwon Chi's, Muna Tseng Dance Projects, Inc in a poster of their cornerstone collaborative drawing "ORR meets K.H.", which was memoralized at the bottom of the subway drawing by Keith Haring himself. 


This rarely seen image is now available to the public in a limited lithography print run of 500 signed pieces by collaborating artist Eric Orr.


available for purchase through our store

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