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Biomorphic Worlds: Juanita Lanzo
solo exhibition

9/16/2023 - 10/14/2023

Press Inquiries:

Anna Matos, Gallery Director ​                                   For Immediate Release                                        September 12, 2023


WALLWORKS NEW YORK is thrilled to announce the first fall season exhibition, a solo showcase from Bronx artist, Juanita Lanzo. Known for her intricate and flowing imagery on paper, Biomorphic Worlds: Juanita Lanzo will delve into body politics and identity themes through anthropomorphic representations.

Featuring works created from the start of the lockdowns till the present day, viewers are met with intertwining and jolting forms that appear and disappear off the paper, leading to the question; where does it begin and end, while simultaneously confronting work that seems to intimate and personal in a very public space. Gallery director and curator of the exhibition, Anna Matos describes Lanzo’s work as follows:

What is so captivating about Juanita’s work is how much is left to us, the viewers, to add to it. Knowing Juanita and how she strives to have conversations centered on our identity, personal experiences and the post-colonial world's Diaspora, each viewer will have an absolutely unique interaction with the work. It almost becomes a Rorschach test of what we each put forth onto the artwork, and like her figure flow on and off the page, pushes us to examine and converse in a similar pattern. Nothing is quite as what it first seems, and everything is also interconnected.

Opening Reception:

Saturday, September 16, 2023 | 6 pm – 8 pm (refreshments courtesy of Brunch at Zion’s)

Exhibition Dates:

September 16 – October 14, 2023

Gallery hours:

Wednesday – Friday, 11 am -4 pm | weekends by appointment only


Juanita Lanzo is an Afro-Puerto Rican visual artist, educator, arts consultant, and independent curator working in The Bronx. Her biomorphic imagery alludes to life cycles to reflect on body politics, gender identity, desire, racism, memory, the Caribbean and African Diasporic identity, and post-colonialism.

Selected group exhibitions include WALLWORKS NEW YORK in NYC, Bronx Art Space, Hell Gate Arts, and Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos, in the Bronx, Taller Boricua, Clemente Soto Velez's Cultural Center, Bullet Art Space, and Yi Gallery in NYC Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, Newark, New Jersey, Charlie James Gallery, LA, California, and at galeria Hidrante, University of Puerto Rico Galeria Oller, Museo de Arte e Historia, Galeria Sede del Instituto de Cultura, Museo de Arte de Caguas, Puerto Rico.

Ms. Lanzo graduated from City College in NY (MFA 2004- Printmaking and Drawing/Painting) and the University of Puerto Rico (BFA 1996--Printmaking and Drawing); she currently lives in East Harlem, NY.

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