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blood red rubies (1982-2022)
gene shaw solo exhibition

03/26/2022 - 04/29/2022

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Anna Matos, Gallery Director                                         March 21, 2022




BRONX, NEW YORK (MARCH 21, 2022) – WALLWORKS NEW YORK continues its new year of exciting exhibitions and projects with a solo showing by legendary photographer Gene Shaw.


BLOOD RED RUBIES (1982-2022) is an exploration of Shaw’s photography over a long career of snapping photos of musicians. The exhibition brings together self-made collages of Shaw’s imagery, large scale photographs and a site-specific wall installation.


This exhibition will be on view March 26 – April 29, 2022 by appointment. WALLWORKS NEW YORK invites visitors to book online during their new hours of Wednesday-Friday and every other Saturday.



Gene Shaw has been photographing musicians and celebrities for over three decades including David Bowie, Prince, U2, Mick Jagger, Bo Diddley, Elton John, The Who, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Guy, Bob Dylan, Robert Plant, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Eric Clapton. His work can be seen at The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Time Life Picture Library, and private collections around the world.


Shaw explains:

Within my photography there is a thought process. I'm just not happy to be given a photo pass and go shoot three songs or an entire concert. When you look at my images there is a presence from the artist that conveys a sense of being. I will wait during an entire song to capture a moment where the artists lose themselves in that instance. I'm not happy to photograph an artist in studio or live where it's just a pose or a smile for publicity. You will see many photographs that will show a place and time, but not capture a special moment at that place and time. It's not about being at the right place at the right time. My craft is to show you intimate moments that bring you closer to your loves that captured your imagination. It is best to love music and the ones who captured your heart through words and sounds.